The Book Booster Package includes:

  • A copy of The Write Way
  • High-level Manuscript Evaluation of 30 pages of your MS
  • One-hour 1:1 book consultation with Susan Crossman
  • A close edit of 5 pages (double spaced) of your manuscript
  • Three months of participation in Susan’s elite online Mastermind Book Coaching Group


This package is for people who are writing a book that you hope will make a big difference in the lives of your readers…and yet, you feel you need a little assistance to make sure you “get it right.”

You might need help with structure, ideas, storyline, or thematic unity. You might suspect you ramble in some places, and don’t provide enough detail in others. And does any of this make sense yet? I bring a ton of clarity to what can be, at times, a very overwhelming project, and I can give you some creative and practical suggestions for making this the best book it can possibly be.

It pays to be choosy about who gets their hands on your manuscript. As a professionally-published author myself, with my fifth book coming out soon, I know how protective we can be about the books we’re writing. Plus, book coaching and professional editing can cost thousands of dollars: your reputation is on the line. Who should you trust to help you with that precious project?

To help move you forward with your writing, I offer a “Book Booster Package.” It includes a one-hour 1:1 consultation with me about your book to help give you more clarity on where you’re going with it. It also includes a close-edit of five pages (double-spaced) of your manuscript, so you can get a bead on how to improve your writing as you surge towards publication. I’ll also provide you with a high-level evaluation of 30 pages to give you some practical and intuitive feedback on how you can fine-tune your MS to make it publication-ready.

You’ll also get a three-month membership in my AWAKENING AUTHOR ONLINE GROUP MASTERMIND PROGRAM, a powerful experience designed to keep you connected to your project, stay motivated, and learn how other people are dealing with the same issues you’re no doubt facing along the path to publication.

Finally, this package includes a copy of my traditionally-published writer’s manual, “The Write Way.” This book will help you better organize and strengthen your writing, giving you a vast range of “insider’s secrets” that I’ve culled from my decades as a professional writer and editor.

We all recognize that writing is a creative process but we also tend to think of it as a mechanical skill that takes good grammar and a decent vocabulary and somehow blends them all together to create clear communication. That’s not a bad start but years of experience have taught me that writing with impact is much more complex. Care to know more about what that looks like? Then you need to read The Write Way!

The Write Way provides tips on how to:
– Structure your written work
– Write with style
– Write to engage an audience
– Avoid and overcome writer’s block
– Write with marketing in mind

As a book coacheditor and the traditionally-published author of four books I am completely focused on helping my clients share their story, so you can cross “Write A Book” off your bucket list and shift your career into overdrive.

This package will help you organize your manuscript better, enrich your storyline and improve your writing — it’s like your own customized book-writing course!

Plus, it will give you:
• Stronger motivation than ever before for writing the story you have been holding inside
• Greater confidence in your ability to write powerfully and fluidly
• Fool-proof tips and techniques for getting unstuck, eliminating overwhelm and writing with impact and
• A plan of action for moving forward with your writing

It takes just a few minutes to enroll — ready? Or do you need to speak with me first? Either way, I would love to support you on your journey to becoming a published author!