“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.”  

– Robert Frost

So, you’ve written a book and now it’s been published.
WAHOO! Mission accomplished!
Now what?

We’ve heard that the average book published through a traditional publishing house sells 250 copies in its first year, although this statistic is hard to track down to an original source. What we do know is that selling books is a tough game.

To be successful with book sales, you need a strong launch strategy and a solid online presence.

Where do you even begin?!

At Awakening Author, we aim to demystify online marketing and help you to create a manageable promotional strategy to boost your book sales. Whether you need a strategy for your book launch, an author website to promote sales, or social media channel set-up to engage with your audience, we can lighten your load and lead you through this sometimes-overwhelming process.

Our book marketing services include:

  • Social media channel set-up and management
  • Basic website creation
  • Content marketing strategy and implementation
  • Marketing consultation
  • Development of a strategic plan

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How Do You Market Your Book?

Finishing your book is a huge milestone, but the work isn’t over just yet. Marketing your book will ensure that it reaches the audience it deserves. We would love to share what we know about how to successfully promote your book.

Would a book coach or editor serve you better at this stage?
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