The Awakening Author Book Writing Mentorship Program

Write a High-Quality Book You’re Proud to Share

The Awakening Author Book Writing Mentorship Program offers a comprehensive, step-by-step system to help you move towards the self-respect that comes from having published a quality book you can share with integrity.

It aims to assist you to learn to think and behave like a successful writer, and develop a book writing process that is tailor-made for your unique way of being in the world. And, more to the point, it harnesses you to your vision so you can press forward in powerful and expansive ways and get that darned book finished.

This program has been specifically designed for people who have heard the siren call of the book they are here to write and who want to make their mark in the world and change people’s lives with the story they have been creating since the day they were born.

Your mentor, Susan Crossman, aims to ensure your book is authentically aligned with your highest truth and your core beliefs and that the stories you have to tell are engagingly told with integrity. She is a highly qualified mentor who can give you guidance and create the space you need to keep moving irresistibly towards your ultimate goal of writing the book only you can write.

At the Awakening Author we aim to provide the best content and support to help you identify your book writing challenges and then deal with them cleanly and with great respect for all the other balls you are juggling in life. We bring a Conscious perspective to our work and we understand the need to balance flow and fluidity with structure and detail. And we are backed by experience borne of decades in the fields of writing, authoring, marketing and editing.

Features of the Awakening Author Book Writing Mentorship:

1:1 Book Structuring Call with Susan Crossman plus a full report that will map out your book’s structure and establish benchmarks for completion of your book. This will give you huge clarity on the book you are writing so you can finally stop spinning and get rolling.


Two 1:1 check-in calls with Susan over the six months of the program to ensure you are tracking well and following your road map and to troubleshoot any specific problems you are having with your writing.

2x two-hour group calls per month. One call is a group check-in/training call. One call is a writing clinic. These calls will provide substantial support and encouragement for you in the company of other people who are striving for the same goal as you.

Four hours of dedicated “Library Time” monthly in Susan Crossman’s private Zoom room. This is your chance to book dedicated writing time into your schedule so you can commit to working on your book consistently, quietly, and effectively.

A private Facebook Group and access to Susan Crossman’s library of selected writers’ resources

Accountability program requiring you to submit material for private commentary and two hours of editing by Susan Crossman at two specific benchmark points in your program. This will help you improve your writing and become accustomed to sharing your work in a safe and supported venue.

Value = $1,500

Value = $3,000

Value = $2,000

Value = $1000

Value = $1,000


One Free Ticket to the Awakening Author’s Virtual Three-Day Writing Retreat – Date TBD

Three Bonus calls with Guest Speakers on the topics of book publishing, and book marketing

Our app-based “Write a Book” Course

Plus, thanks to the patient guidance of the Awakening Author’s own Tania Brown, we can provide technology-related assistance as you complete the program

Value = $800

Value = $1,500

Value = $500

Total Value:                          $11,050

Beta Launch Pricing               $4,497

This Program Is for You If:

  • You are ready to step up as an author and want to work with a devoted mentor who will help you get your book written
  • You have a burning desire to become the author of a quality book, you believe it’s possible, and you are ready to take a deep breath and get your book finished
  • You are looking for a powerful engine to help you finish writing writing the book that only you can write

What You’ll Accomplish:

1.    You will plan your book and develop a structure to guide your writing.
2.    You will develop a set of timelines for writing, editing, and publishing your book.
3.    You will create a system for writing your book and a process for fitting it into your life so you can be who you need to be for yourself and the people who matter to you.
4.    You will unleash ever greater possibilities for yourself as an author.
5.    You will get the darned thing written.


Alex Paterson
No Helping Hand

“Susan Crossman is a first-rate editor. We have worked together for nearly a year on my massive manuscript, which began with Chapter One, and then went on for over 800 pages without another break. It was written over an eight-year period so the standard of writing was also not of the same caliber… Read More

Diana Lidstone
Shift Into Rich

Writing a book can seem like a huge undertaking; however, I was blessed to find Susan Crossman as my book editor! She was truly amazing. Not only was her work timely and cost-effective, but she has the unique ability to make my words and intentions so much clearer and ‘print-ready’. I would highly recommend her… Read More

Paula Hope
Stop the Saboteurs

Susan’s amazing blend of skills and supportive personality was such a significant contribution to the creation and publishing of my first book. Without her help and critical editorial eye, I am not sure if my book would ever have seen the light of days… Read More

Vince Fernandez
Little Sister

I was looking for an editor of my manuscript. We had a lovely discussion and I liked your encouragement and straight-forward manner of discussing things. It was my first time writing a manuscript and I had limited structure. Most of the details of the book were still in my head and you drew them out… Read More

Trish Tonaj
A Diary of Change 12 Personal Tools

Writing your first book is a thrill that lasts a lifetime and as a new author I was looking for an editor that could not only scrub spelling and correct grammar but provide an editorial perspective, suggesting any rewrites before I self-published… Read More

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