“Writing is no trouble: you just jot down ideas as they occur to you. The jotting is simplicity itself – it is the occurring which is difficult.”

– Stephen Leacock

Meet Our Team!

Susan Crossman

Veteran writer and author Susan Crossman is a speaker, editor and content marketing consultant who helps Awakening Authors share the stories they are here to tell in powerful and inspirational ways. Her expert book coaching and editing guidance helps her clients:

  • gather and organize their ideas and insights
  • structure their manuscript
  • beautifully express exactly what they want to say
  • get set up to publish and market their books

With training experiences and capabilities that are unique in the writing and marketing field, Susan directs a team of experts at Crossman Communications/Awakening Author in the sometimes-vulnerable process of taking your stories from stirring idea to printed reality.

Leah Roberts' headshot

Leah Roberts

Leah Roberts is an expert digital marketing manager with years of progressive experience in the development and application of content marketing systems. She provides brilliant support to our Awakening Author client projects, lending a keen eye for detail and strong focus on process to the team that helps clients in Canada and around the world tell their stories to make a difference.

As a Canadian writer with a keen interest in education and environmental sustainability issues, Leah is sensitive to how small steps can lead to great things and she brings a huge amount of enthusiasm to everything she does. Leah has a strong background in leadership development and she is completely devoted to ensuring that the Awakening Author clients are supported in their efforts to share their messages with a waiting world.

Tania Brown's headshot

Tania Brown

Tania Brown brings a broad range of marketing management skills to the Crossman Communications/Awakening Author team and she has a strong background in market research and database management. Her unflappable calm and strong organizational skills allow her to cut through the clutter and stay on top of the details that deliver client satisfaction.

Tania has had years of inbound customer service experience and she is proficient in a large number of social media applications and online marketing tools. But it’s her kind heart and determination to stop at nothing to ensure people get the attention they need and deserve that make her a favourite with Awakening Author clients.

She brings a grounded professionalism and intense loyalty to the team that helps clients in Canada and around the world tell their stories to make a difference.

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Know Why You’re Writing Your Book

Writing a book can be hard work and we find that motivation is a key part of reaching the finish line. If you know why you’re writing, you can save months, even years, of anguished effort. Hear more about the idea in this short video!

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