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Susan Crossman

Canadian author Susan Crossman has been writing professionally and creatively for decades, and she brings a vast perspective to the question of how language can promote the evolution of the human spirit.

She has written four traditionally-published books, she speaks several languages and she has earned both a Master Practitioner designation in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and a Master’s degree in English. She is trained in the Language and Behavior (LAB) Profile and the Enneagram system of personality profiling, and she is a certified Awakening Coach.

Susan also knows the human heart inside out and upside down. She’s a writer’s writer who teaches and a reader’s writer who inspires. More than anything else, she is a storyteller.

As a content marketer, Susan heads a team that helps organizations add value to client relationships through outstanding content marketing programs. If you need help telling your business story online, please see the array of content marketing services Crossman Communications makes available through Content with Clarity.

As a book coach and editor, Susan also helps people liberate the book that is locked inside them, aching to burst out onto the printed page. If you would like to see how her author support services can assist you in writing the book that will help you make the difference you are here to make in the world, please visit her Awakening Author website.

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Susan Crossman, Author

Susan Crossman has decades of professional and creative writing experience to her credit and she believes a writer’s job is to observe, to communicate, to inspire and to serve.  She has travelled widely in her search for understanding and adventure, and you can find out more about her in this video memoir of her recent visit to New Zealand.

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