Your Personal Marketing Playbook


Your Personal Marketing Playbook: The Art of Creating Personal Capital On and Offline

The book is designed to help you shift both your offline and online revenue generation activities into overdrive and wipe out any doubts you’ve ever had about your ability to generate the success you desire and deserve. Together we show how relationships are the real DNA of the business world and we guide our readers to the creation of a robust plan for cultivating, nurturing, and expanding relationships into a key means of creating ongoing business opportunity. We believe that uniting both on and off line tools, while maintaining integrity and respect for all, is essential to true business success.

Your Personal Marketing Playbook

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Referral Expert Victoria Trafton and Digital Rainmaker Husam Jandal, were terrific guests for the panel discussion we hosted to support the launch and we appreciate very much their groundedness and their brilliance. We urge you to get in touch with them to find out more about how they can assist you to meet your business objectives.

Thanks to you, Your Personal Marketing Playbook: The Art of Creating Social Capital On and Offline became a # 1 Amazon best seller in several categories upon its launch and we are thrilled! Thank you so much for your part in making this wonderful event happen for us!

Some Reviews on Your Personal Marketing Playbook: The Art of Creating Personal Capital On and Offline

The perfect recipe for personal marketing on steroids! A practical, real-life guide for building a powerful RCMP (Referral Content Marketing Plan!). Paula and Susan have crafted a masterpiece that would assist Gold Collars in achieving and exceeding their growth targets.

Husam Jandal, Digital Rainmaker

Paula Hope and Susan Crossman’s new book brings together the pieces of a puzzle that eludes most people and ‘Your Personal Marketing Playbook’ is the answer you’ve been seeking.

James Burchill, Bestselling Author, Coursepreneur™, Producer