Shades of Teale book cover showing a young woman curled in on herself


Shades of Teale

Finding the courage to turn a life around.

Canadian author and speaker Susan Crossman’s first novel, Shades of Teale, tells the story of a woman who begins her first marriage floating on the naïve and very pretty delusion that her husband is a genius, wedded life is bliss and marriage is forever. Although she’s probably old enough to know better at the outset, Teale Covey bumps through the lessons of womanhood and eventually comes to a more mature understanding of life, love and her own self-worth.

The book opens post-divorce with Teale tensely roaming a beach in the rain wondering what happened to the happy ending she thought her marriage was going to bring her. While the opening contains a hint that she has further lessons to learn about how to handle her romantic future, she starts the story fretfully examining the landscape of her marriage in an effort to understand how she could possibly have missed the clues that might have saved her from marital misery.

The book was written to compassionately explore themes of domestic abuse and self-delusion but it’s also a call to action for anyone who has ever struggled with finding the courage to claim their future, one hopeful step at a time.

Do you need a call to action to turn your life around? Read Shades of Teale to get the project started!

Shades of Teale book cover showing a young woman curled in on herself

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On Shades of Teale

Susan Crossman is a breakthrough writer who probes deep into the psyche of her readers, taking them on a journey of self-discovery… that is both intensely personal and revealing…

Michael B. Davie, author, The Late Man