The Write Way

We all recognize that writing is a creative process, but we also tend to think of it as a mechanical skill that blends good grammar with a decent vocabulary in a mathematical equation for clear communication. That’s not a bad start. But decades of experience have taught Canadian author and speaker Susan Crossman that writing with impact is much more complex. The Write Way provides tips on:

  • How to structure your written work
  • How to write with style
  • How to write to engage an audience
  • Writing with clarity
  • Avoiding and overcoming writer’s block

Could you use some help to improve your own writing skill set? Do you want to be a better story teller? Read The Write Way and get started today!

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On The Write Way

Susan Crossman has created one of the most comprehensive books on writing ever written. Whether you’re writing a business report, an essay or a full-length novel, Crossman offers invaluable advice on making the process move more smoothly and efficiently. She also provides insightful tips on avoiding writer’s block. If you want to be a truly effective and successful writer, this is the book you need.

Michael B. Davie, Author, Winning Ways