Passages to Epiphany's book cover featuring a woman doing yoga

Passages to Epiphany

Passages to Epiphany is a collection of short stories and creative non-fiction pieces that looks at the subject of awakenings. Canadian author and speaker Susan Crossman has long been intrigued by that little moment when understanding dawns in our minds and hearts and we suddenly come to see a situation, or even our entire lives, in a new and different light. This book is focused around those moments of awakening as they occur in both fictional and non-fictional scenarios.

Passages to Epiphany is also an exploration of spirit and discovery, and it traces some of the steps along the path the author herself has walked.

Do you like books that make you think, feel and wonder at the world around you? Dive into short story writer Susan Crossman’s Passages to Epiphany and enjoy the journey!

Passages to Epiphany's book cover featuring a woman doing yoga

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On Passages to Epiphany

Susan Crossman has that innate ability to communicate far beyond words on paper… The beauty of epiphanies is that the old perspective can never hold the same power, because our minds have been shown a more resonant way of seeing our lives. Epiphanies are a glorious form of delicious relief from the chains of the past… By allowing that greater truth to permeate the core of our cells, it displaces our old tired perspectives and in an instant, we are freed from our ancestry, identities and unseen veils. I felt that newly founded freedom was handed to me over and over again as I turned the pages of Susan’s book. I’m in awe of her innate ability to bring readers to the brink of pure potential, and then walk us right through the door…”

Jennifer Hough, author, Awakenings