“A thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but
thing created is loved before it exists.”

– Charles Dickens

Sometimes our clients know to their very core that they are meant to write a book about a topic that resonates deeply with them. They’ve had extraordinary experiences. And they are keen to move forward!

Does that sound familiar?

Consider book coaching with Susan Crossman.

As an author, editor and book coach, Susan can guide you smoothly through the challenging process of developing your book concept and completing the writing of it. She has a proven system for supporting you where you’re stuck – whether it’s with the structure and thematic outline of your book, or with the writing process itself.

Working with Susan will help you structure your book well and:

  • Identify the stories and themes you want to explore
  • Create a plan for completing the writing in alignment with Divine Timing
  • Think bigger
  • Unlock your creativity
  • Trust your instincts

Susan is supportive, compassionate and completely dedicated to supporting you to your best success!


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4 Steps to Getting Your Book Done

Becoming a published author is a dream many people share and we know how challenging it can be to translate the vision into reality. Here are some quick tips to support you in your process!

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