“You can’t depend on your eyes when
your imagination is out of focus.”

– Mark Twain

Is confirming the integrity of your message or your reputation a key motivator in the writing of your book?

Do you have a story that the world needs to hear and understand with crystal clarity?

Then let’s talk about that.

We work with people who are focused on excellence and integrity and who want the book they’ve written to dazzle their readers while making a difference in the world. Sometimes our clients have taken their project to other editors who were technically competent, but whose vision didn’t extend to a vast understanding of humanity’s place in the cosmos. Sometimes they just knew, as soon as we spoke, that we were the right fit for their project.

Our clients are all visionary people who have a story to tell that will expand consciousness through new ideas, information, insights or paradigms. Some are strong writers who just need a little extra polish. Others struggle valiantly with sentence structure and grammar. We know that everybody is on their own writing continuum. And we provide a safe place to evolve.

Good editing can provide the sparkle a manuscript sometimes needs to take it from solid or so-so all the way to spectacular — and you will benefit from us as your editors if you want the clarity that comes from:

  • Grammatical accuracy
  • Structural integrity and logical order
  • Smooth transitions between words, sentences, paragraphs and chapters
  • A great story that engages your audience
  • Emotional impact

If you want input around themes and metaphors, character and setting, presuppositions, audience engagement, storytelling and keyword inclusion, then please just ask!


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What Does an Editor Do?

If you want to ensure your book reads powerfully and your message comes through clearly, you need an editor. Here’s more about how an editor can help you create a book that has more impact on the world.

Susan Crossman book coaching

Susan Crossman, Creative and Non-fiction Editor

I am an experienced editor of both creative and non-fiction books and I have worked on everything from one-paragraph biographies to 230,000-word masterpieces. As a career writer and traditionally-published author myself, I’ve been on the writer’s side of the editing equation many times. I understand that it isn’t always easy to have your writing placed under someone else’s microscope. As a result, I focus on constructively helping you craft a manuscript that’s a point of pride…while making the experience enjoyable. My junior editors and our marketing team are similarly focused on quality, compassion and support for you as an author.

Our goal is to honour where you are in your evolution. We work together to protect your voice and burnish your manuscript in a completely non-judgmental circle of support.

Our editing services include:

  • Proofreading
  • Copy editing
  • Stylistic editing
  • Technical editing
  • Manuscript critiques

Are you thinking about having your manuscript professionally edited? Would you like to book a complimentary session with Susan Crossman to see if she is the right fit for your project? We invite you to fill out our project information form so she can personalize your time together.