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Invite your Friends to Author KickStart Live!

In the spirit of collaboration we would love you to bring your friends to Author KickStart Live!

Not only will you be helping your friends to write their books, but you will also be providing a great value to our community. The more people who attend the event, the more positive book-related energy will be available for everyone!

We would be honoured to work with other heart-centred coaches, speakers, and others you know and we want to reward you in a big way for trusting us with your friends: for every person you sign up, you get 100% of the $47 registration fee.

Here’s how you can participate…

Invite your friends using the steps below:

STEP 1: Click this button to Register as our JV Partner to Promote Author KickStart Live. You will be returned to this page. Check your Affiliate Dashboard for your Affiliate information and link.

STEP 2:  Use these sample emails to invite your friends to Author KickStart Live. Insert your unique affiliate link from your Affiliate Dashboard (Your affiliate URL will look like: https://XXXXXX– ) into the email to track which of your friends registered. Not sure where your affiliate link is? Email us at

STEP 3:  Give your friends a call to let them know the email is in their inbox. Tell them you’d love to share this experience with them: you have tickets to the event, and you’d like to invite them!

STEP 4:  Attend Author KickStart Live and have fun sharing the transformation with your friends!!

NOTE: When you receive emails from Crossman Communications regarding this promotion, they should include your username at the end of the link. You can copy that link text or add your username to the end. If you don’t know your username and it’s not included in the links in your email, please immediately contact