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Entrepreneur Awakening: 
Making the Move from Employee to Business Owner
By Barb Stuhlemmer

Business owners may know how to start and run their business, but when it comes to really accelerating the business growth and taking it to another level of business, it can seem unachievable.

Barb’s book, Entrepreneur Awakening – Making the Move from Employee to Business Owner, explores the mind-shift that must take place before any owner can have a business big enough to hire employees of its own and still make a profit. The book was specifically designed For business owners wanting to get into the entrepreneur mindset and really start shifting their business from start-up to profitable.

Barb Stuhlemmer, Author of Awakening Entrepreneur

“If writing a great book is important to you then having the best editor will be on the top of your list. I worked with Susan Crossman to edit my book, “Entrepreneur Awakening: Making the Move from employee to business owner.” There were several reasons why Susan was the best choice for writing my book.

First, Susan is a best-selling author herself with four traditionallypublished books. I knew this made her an expert at this process. When I engaged Susan, it was initially to help me write my book. Within a week of working with her I had my book outline and title, which changed very little from that point forward, because it was such a solid foundation to create the book on.

My next step was to stay on track and complete the book. Susan acted as my accountability partner through a group weekly check-in, to ensure I was completing the work I promised I would do. My book was actually complete in the time I had predicted. I definitely would not have made that timeline without this structure.

And finally Susan was my editor. Her professional expertise, as a 30-year veteran editor made the process easy and my content comprehensive and polished. She has made me look like a significantly better writer and I’ve learned a tonne from working with Susan.

The Bonus of working with Susan is that she is connected to the publishing world: traditional, self-publishing, and the hybrid. Susan can help with the decision on how to publish your book and because my content fit with the publisher she knew, she was able to get my book to the top of the pile for review, because the publisher knows the quality of her work will show in the manuscript she recommends.

Thank you Susan for helping me create a tool to help others excel in life. It means a lot to me.”

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