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Book cover of Diana Lidstone's Shift into Rich

Shift into Rich
By Diana Lidstone

This is a great easy-to-read book with key concepts for any entrepreneur! Diana outlines activities that people NEED to do if they are going to have any chance at being successful. Although these concepts are not sexy, they make up for it by being simple to understand and to execute. Distilling these concepts into bite size, easy to understand chapters can only be done by someone who have been through the entrepreneurial journey and succeeded.

Diana Lidstone, Author of Shift into Rich

“Writing a book can seem like a huge undertaking; however, I was blessed to find Susan Crossman as my book editor! She was truly amazing. Not only was her work timely and cost-effective, but she has the unique ability to make my words and intentions so much clearer and ‘print-ready’. I would highly recommend her and would definitely use her again for another book.”

Diana Lidstone

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