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Book cover of Kaayla Veddder's Naked and Afraid showing a pair of eyes

Naked and Awake
By Kaayla Vedder

Kaayla Vedder is a gifted energy worker who applies universal principles of understanding to the task of helping her clients reduce anxiety, eliminate limiting beliefs, and power forward into enormous personal freedom. In telling her own stories of struggle and triumph, she has created a book that provides a blueprint for others walking a similar path. Kaayla helps people learn how to surrender to the joy within and stand proudly in their divine purpose.

Kaayla Vedder, Author of Naked and Awake

“I’ve never considered myself a “writer,” although I write comfortably enough for most purposes. The universe conspired to bring me Susan Crossman and the desire to make this book happen. This project has taken me way out of my comfort zone at times, and the support of my writing coach and editor, Susan Crossman, has been key. She has this very intuitive ability to tap into what it is you are wanting to share. My desire was to create space where people can relate to their lives in new ways and recognize that they’re not crazy. Susan Crossman teased this information out of me and helped present it in a way that people would relate to. She edited the words in such a way that my authenticity stayed very much intact. I would highly recommend Susan Crossman of Crossman Communications to anyone who has a message to share. May I remind you that your audience is waiting to hear from you. Susan is brilliant, intuitive and so easy to open up to. Love you Susan! Thank you for shining your light so brightly for everyone to see.”

Kaayla Vedder

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