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Connect With The Divine You: For Health, Healing and Happiness
By Tanya Penny

Many of us become disconnected from our true Self for many reasons while growing up.

Over time, this disconnection can cause all sorts of health problems in our minds and bodies, as well as breakdowns in other important life areas: our relationships, our finances, our careers and life purpose.

In this book, Connect With The Divine You Tanya Penny teaches you how to reconnect with yourself. Her Therapeutic Meditation Process and other tools will help you listen to your body, release toxic emotions, shift limiting beliefs, connect with your inner guidance, and ultimately walk the path to healing yourself

If you desire enhanced health, happiness and the opportunity to live the passionate, abundant life of your dreams, this book will help you to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Tanya Penny, Author of Divine You
Vibrant Body & Abundant Life Coach.

I first met Susan as part of conscious and personal growth group, and instantly liked her. Soon after, I joined her Awakening Author group for a few months and loved the support and encouragement she provided. I then had a 1:1 consultation with her that I found invaluable, where she helped me map out my book chapters, format and more. I was then ready to dive in and hired her to be my editor. She did an amazing job, and again provided some much needed encouragement through my entire two-year process. I could not have gotten my book published without Susan, and highly recommend you hire her to be a part of your team. I look forward to working with her again in the near future for book #2.
– Tanya Penny, Occupational Therapist, Health Coach, Author of Connect with The Divine You.
Tanya Penny

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