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Book cover for Vince Fernandez's Little Sister showing a cracked doll

Little Sister
By Vince Fernandez

Mila Mirkin and John Lister want success any way they can get it. For Mila, that means working as an escort to finance grad school. For John, it means getting his hedge fund on track even if he breaks a basic moral tenant: thou shalt not kill. Following the mysterious death of Toronto’s top financial prosecutor, Vitaly Mirkin is transferred to the role. His first case is against John Lister. Mila’s brother is prosecuting her primary client. As John’s ruthless plan unfolds, he pulls Mila even closer, leaving her in a terrible quandary: tell her brother what she knows and expose her secret life, or pretend innocence and put the lives of others in mortal danger…

Vince Fernandez, Author of Little Sister

“I was looking for an editor of my manuscript. We had a lovely discussion and I liked your encouragement and straight-forward manner of discussing things. It was my first time writing a manuscript and I had limited structure. Most of the details of the book were still in my head and you drew them out and of course, you cleaned up the mechanics of my language. I had taken the book as far as I could on my own. I was stuck. I had an idea. You turned it into a reality that I am proud to share.”

Vince Fernandez

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