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Come to Costa Rica with Me!

The monkey leapt onto the rail of the balcony of the house in which I was staying and perched comfortably, and, to my mind, precariously, as she gobbled up the bananas my friends and I had put out for her. She was black and white with a sweet, intelligent little face and she had a swiss army knife of a tail – long, curly, and incredibly useful. The house had been built into a steep hill and the back of it – just off the balcony where the monkey and I were watching each other – dropped down into a forest of trees. I could see a green sloth curled up in the crook of them. I had never seen one of those before!

I looked out into the distance and saw a glimmer of silvery ocean that was at that moment, no doubt, giving swimmers and surfers a chance to play. I would be visiting the beach the next day, and I could hardly wait to feel the warm sand beneath my toes. My family had a house in Grand Bend, Ontario, while I was growing, and I have countless lovely memories of hanging out on the beach just south of town there. I collected rocks and shells, and walked for miles feeling the joy of the soothing waves as it tickled my toes.

I’m going back to Costa Rica next spring as part of a group of people intent on experiencing the triple play of adventure travel, humanitarian work and public speaking. As one of three team leaders, I’ll be supporting participants to the expansion of their idea of what is possible for them in the world. And it’s going to be spectacular! This transformational journey will be similar to the trip I took to New Zealand last May, and I am inviting you to come along. It’s going to be an epic trip and it will change your world.

The agenda is packed with visits to some of the most exquisite locations in Costa Rica-  the Tabacon hot springs in Arenal, the Peace Lodge Wildlife Sanctuary at the La Paz Waterfalls, and the beach front and national park areas of Manuel Antonio. Your trip will be filmed by a professional film crew, and you will come away with video footage you can use in your marketing that highlights your leadership and your heart. We will all be speaking at a live event that will be livestreamed around the world, and everyone who joins the journey will become part of a mobile app through which you can feature your business on an ongoing basis.

Plus, there will be monkeys, beaches, and sloths!

This is a world-class opportunity and I am honoured to be part of the leadership team. Is this a good fit for you? Contact me directly and let’s book a time to chat. We will have boots on the ground on April 28th, 2018.


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