Email Marketing: A Manufacturing Company

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Why Crossman Communications

A small and successful manufacturing company needed to upgrade its online presence to differentiate itself in its field and generate greater brand awareness. The company had grown to include more than 65 employees, and sales were in the double-digit millions. Yet practically no investment had been made in generating content, leveraging content, leveraging social media marketing opportunities, or enlisting the power of email marketing. The company turned to Crossman Communications to build its content marketing and social media infrastructure, and develop an email marketing program.

A Few More Details

The experts at Crossman Communications met regularly with the company’s General Manager and other company personnel as necessary to standardize social media profiles, straighten out a very tangled and underutilized Google Analytics account, develop a regular content stream and establish an email marketing program. The company had an active presence at numerous conferences every year but sales reps were not making efforts to formally migrate the emails of people they met at conferences into the company database, or use the power of email marketing to generate leads.

How the Project Unfolded:

Crossman designed an email strategy that would allow the company to communicate with members of its database and build upon it through a conference emailing program. We set up an email account in MailChimp, and developed segmented lists. We put together a newsletter concept, created an editorial calendar, and sent the newsletter out according to a regular schedule. We also set up a standard conference emailing protocol to allow the company to communicate with conference participants and invite them to opt in to the company’s regular database.


Crossman Communications successfully built a solid infrastructure for email marketing that provided increased visibility for the company, communicated the company’s brand proposition to its target audience, invited opportunities for business, and increased traffic to the website. Email open and click-through rates were well above average in many instances. We established a mailing list opt-in process, a lead cultivation process and a follow-up process, and formalized a system for sharing quality content with the company’s digital audience.

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