Why Crossman Communications

A major player in the food safety information field was getting many thousands of hits every month from food safety professionals around the world. It had a lively and effective presence on LinkedIn, and other social media outlets, but it needed someone to direct and enhance its growing online content pool. The company needed to standardize processes around content production and management while improving editorial quality. They turned to Crossman to make it happen.

A Few More Details

Susan Crossman took over as Managing Editor and was charged with:

  • contributing to, and, eventually, creating, the editorial calendar
  • assigning an international cast of subject matter experts and freelance writers to write all content
  • editing all content
  • ensuring keywords were used appropriately in all content
  • assist with content curation.

How the Project Unfolded:

This resource hub produces at least two new articles and two new blogs each month, plus half a dozen or so static content pages annually. Crossman coordinates the efforts of a team of freelancers and subject matter experts to produce the content required on deadline every month. Crossman’s content management efforts provide the hub around which a cohesive team operates, and this client’s site visits have grown to well more than a million site visits a year.

As confidence in the Crossman Communications dedication to excellence grew, the client asked the Crosscom team to take over its extensive social media presence, handle development of the company’s monthly newsletter, and enhance the company’s global brand. We have also been charged with editorial and social media-related content development and management for its new training platform, which is dedicated to ensuring compliance with a highly complex web of international food safety standards.


There is a big team aspect to this project and it involves the efforts of SEO experts and web developers. The company’s CEO plays a pivotal role at all stages of the project and has a vast vision for her business. This client has seen a massive increase in new visitors over the past two years, and the number of returning visitors has increased substantially as well. Visitors spend an average of more than 17 minutes on the site.  Strong editing skills are required to ensure content is clearly-written and consistently focused on food safety. And strong project coordination skills are required to coordinate assignments and contributors, and keep track of the content required to fill 12 newsletters a year. The result is a well-respected resource hub that delivers powerful information to a global audience.

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