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Elevating Your Author Brand

I looked at the amount of money it was going to cost me to create a speaker reel and grimaced. I’d been speaking for a while, and I was no stranger to a stage. But I knew I could reach more people, make a bigger impact, and generate more revenue if I was able to provide event organizers with a professional video showing me speaking on stage. There is a lot riding on an author/entrepreneur’s marketing and as a book coach and author I knew I wasn’t the only game in town. But a $10,000 price tag was too steep for my budget at the time. And to be honest, it probably still would be today.

There was the cost of hiring a venue and staging an event specifically for the shooting of video of me speaking. If you’re bringing people to an event you might want to make refreshments available. That has an additional cost. Hiring a videographer with a great camera or two plus excellent sound and lighting equipment is another cost. And then there’s the cost of having your video edited. For most authors, that’s just not justifiable.

So, when my friends Robert and Iman at Actionera proposed I run a speaking event for authors that would deliver video, headshots and a host of other benefits at a ridiculously reasonably cost, I was all in, right away. The result? I’m hosting Action Talks LIVE: The Author Event October 17-19, 2024, and it’s going to bring 30 heart-centred authors together to give inspirational talks about their area of focus.

This is a pay-to-speak opportunity that is overflowing with value and my speakers will receive:
• The opportunity to deliver an inspirational talk live on stage
• The recording of their talk
• Professional headshots
• Clips from their talk for social media use
• A personalized mobile app through my Visionary Authors mobile app
• Access to the ACTIONERA Marketing Portal for book and business marketing
• Project trainings from speaking, marketing, and mobile app experts and
• Promotion and exposure in the ACTIONERA TV app

It’s a massive opportunity for authors to create a powerful brand expression while sharing their messages, showcasing their expertise, and fostering authentic connections with a passionate audience. By embracing this platform, my speakers won’t just be positioning themselves as thought leaders; they will become beacons of inspiration in their genre and beyond.

Empower Speakers’ Voices through My Visionary Authors App

The Visionary Authors app my team and I have developed is emerging as a catalyst in our quest to build a thriving community around our work. Collectively. It will:
• Amplify our speakers’ brand expression through the creation of a dedicated mobile app that will amplify their reach and engage with their audience on a deeper level
• Foster meaningful engagement through push notifications that create intimate connections and spark conversations that resonate with their audience
• Allow participants to craft personalized content that reflect the essence of their brand and resonate with their audience’s aspirations
• Assist our speakers to cultivate connections: we are creating a vibrant community of visionary authors where collaboration thrives, and collective success is celebrated
• Help participants to monetize their passion through courses and subscriptions
• Simplify content management allowing participants to focus on what truly matters—connecting with their audience and sharing their stories

I’m terrifically excited about this event and if you are an author, I encourage you to join us!

You can find out more about ActionTalks LIVE: The Author Event at this link:

And if you’d like to book a call with me to find out more about this opportunity, please go ahead and do so here:

We’re here to make a difference. This is one powerful way to do that!

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