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Why Crossman Communications

A small business consulting firm with offices in North America and Asia had almost no online footprint and no funnel back to its website. Social media channels existed, but were not being used effectively, and the company’s brand offer was barely noticeable. Company representatives didn’t know how to use social media effectively for business, and they also felt badly burned by previous marketing agencies with whom they had spent huge amounts of money for no perceivable results. They wanted to establish more authority in their industry.

A Few More Details

This company initially turned to Crossman Communications for help with improving and standardizing their social media presence. We developed consistent messaging for the company for its profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube and sorted out a very convoluted Google Analytics profile so we could track website visits more accurately. We developed a social media strategy to establish thought leadership, set up tools for streamlining the operation of the social media program and found many ideas for improving their online activities. The company was unique in that company leadership utilized the concepts of quantum physics to obtain ROIs for clients that range from 300%-1500%. Explaining the value proposition required a delicate mix of intellect, emotion, and vibrational resonance in the language.

How the Project Unfolded:

We met consistently with company marketing contacts to ensure the program stayed on track and worked steadily to bring about countless small improvements that added up to an efficient and effective social media presence. As confidence in our services increased, we also built a blog program out of existing content, which carried the company cost-effectively through its first year of blogging and beyond. We developed an email marketing database and established an email marketing program to build a community and provide opportunities to stay top-of-mind.

This company is dedicated to supporting the expansion of consciousness, which is a highly unusual niche in the business consulting world. Crossman is completely resonant with it.


Crossman Communications grew the company’s social media following substantially and refined the business value of followers to better reflect the company’s audience. We also cultivated relationships with members of the company target audience through retweeting and strategic online communication, particularly in Asia, a new market for the organization. We built a content pool and an infrastructure for delivery that increased thought leadership, reinforced the company’s brand, and created greater opportunities for engagement. Finally, we helped company representatives see the value of content marketing and view it as a key part of their marketing strategy, one that delivers results.

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