Analytics and More: A Tech Directory

Why Crossman Communications

An American-based tech-related startup company needed to establish its business proposition online. They had a complicated business offer and no experience with online marketing, although they had a long history in the tech business that spoke well of their industry knowledge. They needed to bring visitors to their site so they could explain their business offer and encourage signups to their directory. They turned to Crossman Communications to deliver a suite of content services, and to enhance their search engine optimization (SEO) and analytics capabilities.

A Few More Details

Crossman Communications set up the company’s social media channels, ensuring they were correctly branded, and we built and optimized numerous website pages, analyzing and evaluating how the web pages functioned, and determining where different visuals and calls-to-action should be placed. We implemented an email marketing strategy, developed a blog, and provided some PR assistance for new service releases. We also developed an email marketing channel, developed numerous case studies, and created some downloadable materials to support database growth.

How the Project Unfolded:

This was an intense project unfolding over a short period of time, so deadlines were tight and meetings were frequent. We set the site up to invite engagement and to encourage visitors to sign up for a free membership. We ensured that appropriate keywords were strategically used and that appropriate metadata was generated to trigger bot and visitor attention. We set up a Google Analytics account to allow the analysis of site visitor data so we could determine where visitor engagement was dropping off. Where adjustments were needed, we made them.


We brought a great deal of organization and personality to the company’s business offer and helped increase the number of site visitors by 38% over a three-month period. We built a content infrastructure and provided a great deal of coaching so company staff could take over once the infrastructure was in place. They were then able to handle the content program cost-effectively on their own.

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