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Here’s How to Start Writing Your Book

I talk to a lot of coaches, consultants, academics and innovators in the course of an average week and as a book coach and editor, I find that many of them have an important issue on their mind: they want to write a book. For many people, the task has an almost sacred aura: we admire people who have written a book and because most members of our society have never written one, we tend to think of the prospect as something special, reserved for “author-ities.”

Having written four books and co-authored a fifth, I can tell you that writing a quality book IS a big deal. It takes time and dedication, and holding that book in your hands is one of the most glorious feelings you can possibly imagine. And seeing one of my clients launch their book is a rare thrill that makes my heart soar. I’m always trying to improve the services I offer, and earlier this year I launched into a market research project to determine what some of the biggest fears and challenges people have when it comes to writing a book.

Start Writing Your Book

I was amazed to discover that one of the biggest challenges many people face lies in the task of starting to write a book. As a career writer, I have started thousands of documents in my career, and it has become second nature to me. But it isn’t second nature to everybody, and my market research ultimately led me to develop a program specifically designed to get people to hop down off the fence and start writing the book only they can write.

The KickStart Book Writing Formula will help you Refine Your Idea and Start Writing Your Book in Six Weeks or Less. It’s a comprehensive, step-by-step program to kick start your book writing, help you write clearly, and show you how to turn your book into a marketing asset in your business. Through the supportive action steps we share in this program, you will enhance your credibility, up-level your business, and share your message to make an impact in a big way.

It features
• 6 Weekly 90-Minute Group Calls
• Lifetime access to the group call recordings for your review at a
later date
• My App-Based Online Book Writing Course
• A variety of book writing resources and worksheets
• Lifetime access to our Private Facebook Group with all of
my professional resources and insights

And it will cover:
• Why would you want to even write a book? What will it do for you, your business or career, your community, and humanity?
• Building a vision for becoming an author
• Who are your readers and what is your message?
• How to plan and structure your book
• Creating the time to write
• What are the different options for publishing?

The beta program is launching soon and I’ve decided to offer a 50% discount for anyone who signs up. But spaces are limited – be sure to register soon! Here’s the link to the registration page:

Let’s do this!


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