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The Limitless Conference from a Writer’s Perspective

There have been many surprises for me on the road to running a thriving writing-related business and although it’s been an unpredictable path, I pinch myself every day, thinking, “Wow – I get to support my family doing what I love to do!” People used to tell me writers don’t make any money and, in my early years, I bought into that paradigm. Guess what? That doesn’t have to be true! I also used to believe that I needed absolute quiet in order to write…but I’ve written more blogs in crowded coffee shops than I can even remember.

And, finally, it always seemed to me that a writer was enough of an introvert that the idea of public speaking would make one head for the hills. I prove that old belief wrong a number of times every year and I’ve recently returned from southern California where I spoke on the stage of the remarkable Laura Gisborne. My topic this time was “Delegation,” and I shared a number of insights I’ve stumbled upon relating to how delegation is key to success in both one’s business and personal life. It’s something that doesn’t come natural to me (I’m a recovering perfectionist) and yet, the more I delegate, the more successful my business becomes. Who knew?

Laura is an extraordinary business mentor and business expert with has owned nine businesses over the past 20 years. She serves as a business consultant for business leaders and entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries and I began working with her a number of years ago when I first realized I needed bigger insights in order to build a bigger business. Laura runs numerous events every year and the Limitless Women event at which I spoke brings 100 women from around the world together to learn, connect, expand and deepen their ability to use their businesses as vehicles for philanthropy.

This year the event raised more than $60,000 for The Pachamama Alliance, an organization that delivers transformative workshops around the world and advocates for indigenous rights and the rights of nature. With roots deep in the Amazon rainforest, the organization’s programs integrate indigenous wisdom with modern knowledge to support personal and collective transformation. It’s an extraordinary organization and co-founder Lynne Twist gave several stirring and inspiring talks over the three days of the conference about how it is working to save the Amazon rainforest in collaboration with the people who have made their home there for eons.

The conference was a wonderful experience and I met many people who are dedicating their businesses to helping other people learn, grow, connect and expand. And that has been something else that I didn’t know way back when I started my own business: it can be a vehicle for transformational change in the world. It’s inspiring to see people stepping up and choosing to “use their superpowers for good,” as Laura Gisborne says. It unlocks the door to unlimited possibility.


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