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The Awakening Author sometimes features contributions from the authors we’ve worked with, and this month we’re pleased to bring you our “Author Interview” with Karen Furneaux, an Olympian based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Karen’s book, Strong Beauty: Power Up the Champion Within, is the inspirational story of Karen’s own rise to Olympic success, and it gives readers a valuable peek into the courage, determination and grit it takes to compete at the international level. In it, Karen also shares her own tried-and-true methods for generating a powerful performance in sport, career, and life in general. Here’s what Karen has to say:

What You Do in Life?
I am an Olympian, a speaker and own my business, I Promise Performance, Inc., which helps people have better health and job performance.

Why Did You Want to Write a Book?
I wanted to share the stories of my Olympic journey through sport and into my career.
I want to inspire people to see their own strength, beauty and resilience to perform in their lives, whatever their goals may be.

How Would You Characterize the Process of Writing of Your Book, and Why?
Writing for me was a transformative process. I loved it! It helped me clearly process my own journey and story.

How Long Did It Take You to Write Your Book?
About a year, start to finish. The writing took about four months.

What Can You Tell Us About What the Process of Writing Your Book Was Like for You?
I enjoyed writing my book. I’d write in chunks and spurts, not everyday but frequently.

What Kind of Publishing Model Did You Choose and Why?
I chose the self-publishing route as I wanted to own my content and manuscript, as well as have the final say.

What Surprised You About Becoming a Published Author, and Why?
What surprised me is how many people took note of this and how celebrated this achievement is. Now so many people are buying my book and ordering copies for their entire team!
What Advice Can You Offer Other Awakening Author Clients to Help Streamline Their Book Writing Process?
Get help with your editing and design! I had an amazing team of women helping me, Susan Crossman and Janet Rouss. If it weren’t for these power women, my book would not be written and published.

Is There Anything Else You Would Like to Add?
Writing any piece takes time and patience. And everyone’s process is unique to him or her. There is no magic formula. Find your own best-practice and commit to that. Keep going, one step at a time, just as in any pursuit. You will get there and learn so much about you along the way.


Editor’s Note:
Karen’s book, Strong Beauty: Power Up the Champion Within, is an excellent and inspiring read, and although it is packed with information that would benefit anyone, I think it’s especially valuable for young people who dream of creating “more” with their lives. Karen is a superlative role model and I’m proud that she has represented my own country internationally. Her vision, however, is clearly a global one, and I highly encourage you to buy her book!


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