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One Surprising Tip for Becoming a Better Writer

I work with a lot of people in the course of an average week and while some of them are experienced writers, others are struggling to build their writing capability so they can express themselves more powerfully. That takes more than mechanical capability, by the way: writing well comes from great grammar, to be sure, but it also relies on the ability to collect information, organize it well, and make judicious choices about what word should go where. It requires a strong vocabulary and a creative flair.

And, most of all, writing well requires a healthy “writer’s mindset.”

There are a lot of mindset issues around writing and if you can barely make yourself sit down to write that blog post, newsletter or book chapter, it might be worth checking into your thoughts and feelings around writing. Are you filled with doubt about your ability to write well? Are you worried that people won’t like what you’ve written? Do you find writing boring? Does “being a writer” just not align with who you think you are? Do you think writing is hard? Have people told you in the past that you can’t write? Do you simply freeze up when faced with a blank computer screen?

I am highly impressed with the variety of invisible blocks that step up at key moments to remind people that they’re not good enough or smart enough or experienced enough or old enough or whatever enough to write the materials they need to support their businesses.

And while that can make starting a writing project difficult, it can also make finishing one next to impossible.

Handle the mindset piece and you can smooth the way for a more enjoyable, and successful, writing experience.

If you feel your writing is downright awful, or you feel you would like some help with your self-limiting beliefs around writing, then it’s OK to get help with that. I provide 1:1 coaching to help people improve their writing, and their writing mindset, no matter what their starting position looks like. My book coaching is designed to provide accountability, support and a bank of resources to help motivate you towards sharing your story with the world and holding your book in your hands. If this sounds exactly like what you need right now to propel you into high gear to finish your book this summer, get in touch!

Remember that writing is a continuum and there is no magic measuring stick that suddenly lights up when you become a “perfect writer.” There are always ways to improve and the important thing is to keep honing your skills so that you put yourself on a steady march to become the best writer you are capable of becoming. If that is important to you.

And, surprisingly, one of the most important writing skills you can develop is your ability to think of yourself as capable and successful.

Intrigued? Bothered? Ready to make a change? Drop me an email at and let me know if I can be of assistance!



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