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Writing a Story that Connects

You’ve worked hard to bring your dream to life and the path you’ve traveled has taken some surprising turns. Now you need copy that tells your story in a compelling manner so you can build stronger relationships with your audience and get folks to take action.

You don’t want the writing to be “good enough.” You want your story told in an AMAZING way so that when your ideal reader scans the words that represent your work, it absolutely takes their breath away. It generates their immediate support. And it keeps you on track for the even more incredible successes that are waiting for you, just beyond the next bend in the road.

The only way to bring that dream to life is by hiring a magician who can take the brilliance of what you do and distill it down into the concrete reality of your web content, speech material, book or newsletter copy. You need someone who can take the ideas and articles, paragraphs and notes that you’ve gathered together, and magically transform them into a story that sizzles. You need someone who gets just as excited about your passion as you do – and who can communicate that excitement with exactly the right emphasis in exactly the right place.

Can every freelance writer do that for you? No. But I can.

With more than 30 years as a professional and creative writer and editor behind me, I am entirely focused on your end results. I’m here to serve you in your quest for more success and I am standing by to get started.

There are many ways to work with me:

Writing and Book Coaching

Do you just know that more powerful writing skills will help you gain greater professional results but you aren’t sure how to improve? Do you have a book project stalled at the station and need some motivation to drive it into high gear? Click here to find out how I can help you write with more precision, clarity, authority and delight in business or creative scenarios.

Editing Services

Do you have a novel or business book that you’ve been talking about perfecting? Are you afraid you’re never going to finish it if you don’t hire someone to help you NOW? Click here to find out about the five aspects of your work your editor must address in order to make your story shine.

Freelance Writing Services

Do you have a story that needs to be written so irresistibly that your readers can’t wait to be part of what you offer?

Click here to find out about the seven major skills your writer needs to enlist in order to make that happen.

Speaking Services:

Does your organization have an upcoming event that needs a speaker who can keep an audience enchanted while making you look like a superstar? As a writer with decades of professional business writing experience and a published novel to my credit I have plenty to say about the writing world and I’d be pleased to take centre stage on your behalf. Click here to find out more about my speaking career.

If you’d like to learn more about my three traditionally published books, amble on over to

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