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Three Ways a Book Mentor Saves You Money

I’ve been in business for decades, having cracked open the doors of Crossman Communications way back in 1992, before there was an internet and certainly before such as thing as email had been invented. Cell phones were big clunky things with large antennae. Texting? You’ve got to be joking. What’s wrong with a fax?

I only mention technology because I asked my 16-year-old daughter recently how to eliminate the annoying buzz that accompanies my iPhone’s morning alarm. I had spent ages trying to figure it out myself and within seven clicks she had shown me how to solve my problem. The experience reminded me how valuable help can be. As a book coach and editor, I do a lot of mentoring and I wanted to share three of the money-saving benefits I aim to deliver with my services.

  1. A Book Coach Saves You Time. Most people are overwhelmed by the plethora of self-publishing choices available to them and few understand how challenging it can be to land a traditional publishing contract. You could spend 40 hours researching publishing online. Or book an hour of my time to learn what to look for when you are ready to go to print. How much is 40 hours of your time worth?
  2. A Book Coach Saves You Money. Someone I know hunted down several publishing quotes for her business book and finally opted for the least expensive option. Once she got into the project, she discovered that there were a lot of necessary “extras” that she hadn’t known about, and the cost of the print job skyrocketed. She ended up paying twice what her second most expensive quote would have required. For the same results. A book coach could have pointed out ahead of time what questions she should have asked so that she was truly comparing “apples to apples.”
  3. A Book Coach Provides Encouragement. Working with a professional who believes in you and your project can give you the confidence to complete your writing. They can tell you what’s good about your book and they can show you how to make it better. When I wrote my first book my husband was my only cheerleader, and he was so biased my way that I didn’t trust his judgement. It took me 13 years to finish the thing. A book coach would have helped me step forward confidently into the authoring side of my career and shaved years off my completion date. If you are an entrepreneur with a business goal for your book, can you guess how much money it’s costing you to NOT have that book out there?

I know how great it is to do things for yourself but you have to balance that against the results you desire. Help is available! And if you feel that I might be the one to assist as your book mentor for your next project, please get in touch. I’d be happy to put my insights to work on behalf of your quest to get the job done as cost effectively as possible.


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