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Bills to Pay and Blogs to Write – Is Twitter for Twits?

If you’re reading this blog you don’t need a lecture on how social media has extended the reach of ordinary businesspeople. But you might wonder if blogging, Twittering and LinkingIn are smart investments.

I did too, at first.

This whole social media frenzy seemed a little Hollywood for me and, frankly, why open up to strangers about my world’s trivialities? But what I missed initially was the difference between social media as a way to play and social media as a marketing tool.

As businesspeople we’ve always needed to differentiate ourselves from the competition while making it easy for members of our target audience to find us, learn about our product and begin the purchasing cycle. This holds true for products, services, ideas and programs. But doing this all online adds an element of relationship that is hard to create elsewhere: it’s valuable as long as the online community is part of our target market.

Plenty of analysis has confirmed that web marketing works and the goal is to funnel traffic to your website so prospective customers can check out your goods and services and move forward into the purchasing process or commitment channel.

Here are a few things to think about:

The Blogging Blues.

Writing a regular blog gives prospective customers a chance to learn more about you and your product or service. Ideally, your blog will showcase your talents and abilities and position you as an expert in your field. Yes, it’s a commitment and we all have far too many of those already – but a quality blog opens the door to expanded exposure.

Get LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is about building a network of professional contacts who can introduce you to people with resources you might need – experts in a subject area, prospective employees or employers, or even prospective clients. Building your professional network on LinkedIn shows you are serious about your career. Your LinkedIn profile links to your corporate website so people can easily research your areas of expertise.

Get into Twitter!

As you build up your list of Twitter followers you exponentially increase the number of people who could hear about you and your business and you have a terrific chance to be helpful, interesting, friendly and proactive in terms of marketing your business or service. Like a blog, Twitter allows you to showcase your skills, abilities and knowledge and to develop relationships with a wide range of prospective customers and supporters.

You don’t have to do it all at once — all of these tools work incrementally and building your network is part of the fun. Consistency counts and as you become more comfortable with how social media works you may find it a valuable – and inexpensive — part of your marketing mix.

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