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Business Tips From a Business Mentor

Having spent the past 25+ years as a professional and creative writer I’m only too aware of the vital part language plays in the attraction and retention of customers and clients. Explain your value proposition well, and you hit the mark. Explain it poorly, and your customers will stay away in droves. My colleague Warren Leppik, a superb videographer, swears he heard this somewhere else but I’m going to give him the credit here: your marketing is only as good as its weakest link.

That weakest link these days might be your website’s poor graphic layout or the use of generic, misaligned images; it might be the amateur iPhone videos that your cousin filmed for you a few years ago or an incomplete or inadequate online marketing strategy. All too often, it is web copy that tells a business story poorly, in confusing or grammatically incorrect language.

If growing your business is on your radar at all, then ensuring your content marketing strategy is well thought out and executed is vital. But there are other issues that go into a successful business. It’s an art form, isn’t it? I’m fortunate to have in my corner a couple of business mentors who understand me and my business and who can give me concrete assistance in helping it grow.

And it’s been magical to watch my business make the leap from “start up” status to “Yes this is really a business now.” There’s a lot of “pinch me” involved in realizing that we’re well on the road to Dreams Come True.

But it is also stressful. How do you handle all that volume? How do you track EVERYTHING? What kind of systems do you need to implement? What kind of assistance do you need to hire? Full time employees or contract workers? My own business accountability partner is a wonderful lady by the name of Barb Stuhlemmer, CEO of Blitz Business Success. Barb coaches entrepreneurs who are ready to take their six-figure business to the next level, whatever that might be for them. Every Monday morning at 8:30 am Eastern we are on the phone sharing strategies, plans, ideas and insights designed to help each other push through to the next ground-breaking success.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that Barb is brilliant, compassionate, dedicated and exceedingly well organized. And she’s hosting a teleseminar this week that I would love you to attend, if you feel the call. The topic of the teleseminar is The Top 3 Ways to Create Exponential Business Growth and Barb tells me she’ll be covering:

  • Why you have blind spots in your business and how they have been stopping you from growing
  • How to get out of spinning in the day-to-day so you can scale your business faster
  • How to strategically pack your reference group with the people who will directly affect your success for the best outcomes

Barb Stuhlemmer helps entrepreneurs take extraordinary action and she elevates their belief systems around what is possible. She helps create processes and strategies that can be scaled to the seven, or even eight-figure business model.

I’ll be on the teleseminar with Barb on April 9th at 3:30 p.m. ET to talk about a few of the things I share with clients on the content marketing side of things and I would love you to join in. Register now to learn The Top 3 Ways to Create Exponential Business Growth – Barb will be sending out the replay afterwards so don’t worry if you’re already booked for that day and time.

Every business has weak links – but just imagine what’s possible for you and your business when you start getting serious about replacing them with powerful strategies and processes. Success is within your reach!


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