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Does Your Blog Support Your Business Offer?

In last week’s blog I talked a little bit about how my business has grown beyond the blog that I’ve been producing for it. Crossman Communications has gone from being a company that produced different types of content for businesses to one that develops and executes content marketing strategies for businesses with revenues upwards of at least $1 million. (Our sweet spot is actually serving business in the neighbourhood of $10-$20 million, and we have been doing a lot of work lately in the area of electronics and business technology manufacturing and marketing).

Meanwhile, a second business has emerged that is totally different from the first: over the past few years I’ve been coaching more authors and editing a lot more book manuscripts for publication. I also have an affiliation with a hybrid publishing company that enables me to guarantee publication and distribution for my client’s books. My clients in this business tend to be successful entrepreneurs who know they need to write and publish a book to achieve the next level of business success.

And, finally, as the traditionally published author of three books, with a fourth due out at the end of October, I have also developed an author-related business that is unrelated to the first two. My speaking engagements as an author target organizations that are looking for the excitement that comes from being a published author and I also talk about creativity and expansion in the field of human expression.

Although I and my team have done a valiant job of adding new pages to our existing website, it has become an unwieldy and awkward animal. People who want to know about our content marketing services don’t generally care about the editing services we provide, and the folks who are writing a book aren’t necessarily keen on wading through information about content marketing in order to get to the juicy information about getting that book edited and published. Finally, anyone who has heard that I am available to speak about the exciting world of being an author doesn’t care a whole lot about either of my other two businesses. My marketing needs a refresh!

Later this year I hope to fix the confusion by launching three separate web sites (and blogs) that will more smoothly reflect the businesses I am in. Each blog needs its own strategy, editorial schedule and content.

Are you interested in learning about how Crossman Communications can put the power of the internet to work on behalf of your bottom line? Contact me at and let’s have a conversation about what next steps your business should be taking to tell the stories that will result in business for your company.


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