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Five Simple Secrets to a 6-Figure Teleseminar

Are you leaving thousands of dollars on the table?

When I first heard the title of the talk that the Queen of Sales Conversion, Lisa Sasevich, was giving at the eWomen Network conference in Dallas recently, a shimmer of doubt flickered across my mind: “Five Simple Secrets to a 6-Figure Teleseminar?” Could it actually be that easy?

Lisa Sasevich is a force of nature, to be sure, having built a thriving business on helping heart-centred entrepreneurs generate more business without being “sales-y.” She’s known for her excellent training programs and a technique called “The Invisible Close.” And when I attended her breakout session at the conference, I came away impressed. She brought an authentic ring of authority to her presentation and plenty of real-life examples and case studies.

Lisa Sasevich is a leader in the world of teleseminars and list marketing, a relatively new form of marketing that takes a highly systematized approach to attracting your perfect audience and converting them to paying customers. A key part of the process lies in knowing what value you provide your customers: what pain are they in and what can you offer of deep and lasting value that will take that pain away? What transformation do you offer people? Sasevich recommends for entrepreneurs to avoid spending a lot of time on how you’re going to make the transformation happen – focus instead on the transformation itself.

The key to the process is a well-organized free teleseminar preview call at the end of which you invite the people on the call to work more directly with you on the issues you’ve been addressing.

During the call it’s important to establish your credibility and be clear about what you’ll be addressing. You want to help people see the gap between where they are and where they’d like to be, and give them a few steps to show what’s possible for them. Include some case studies, testimonials or success stories.

Sasevich notes that it’s important to pay attention to numbers in the teleseminar business: although 100 people might register for your call, only about 30% will likely show up.

Teleseminar marketers leave thousands of dollars behind by not reaching out afterward to the 70% who did not make it to the call.

All of this turns on your list. The more people in your database who are interested in what you can do for them, the better your results are likely to be. Specific emails, with specific phrasing, sent at specific times and with specific offers are crucial to maximizing results. An auto-responder is critical. MailChimp provides some capability in this regard, although people I talked to at the conference were more likely to use One Shopping Cart or InfusionSoft to manage their email marketing systems.

Sasevich provides in-depth training on all of the issues relating to list marketing and it’s worth signing up for her free resources.

Is your website talking to your perfect customers? If you’re not sure, contact me at for a free website assessment and I’ll share my insights on how to attract more and better attention, using the words that reflect your business in its best light.


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