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Freelance Plans for a Writer’s Resolutions Revisited

The first six months of 2011 have melted away like dabs of butter on freshly baked bread and it’s time to check in on the goals I set in early January to see how I’m doing. Does anything need tweaking going forward?

As I mentioned in January, I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions but I am keen on goal setting because it helps keep me focused, directed, productive and motivated.

As a freelance writer – as well as a mother, daughter and newly minted dog-owner – surprises happen and schedules sometimes need shifting. But yearly, monthly, weekly and even daily goals go a long way towards helping me build a balanced life that is focused around work and family in a healthy, positive way.

So how am I doing? Let’s see:

  1. SEO and SMM. I set a general goal in January to “learn more” about SEO and SMM. Since then I’ve invested more than 23 hours in online SEO training and I’ve devoted more than 55 hours to tending my social media marketing presence. It’s all working smoothly and I’m pleased with how things are going.
  2. Fiction writing and book publishing. I set a general goal of “learning more” about these areas and in the past six months I’ve invested 42.5 hours in workshops, webinars and courses and another 25 hours in “homework.” I’ve drafted three short stories, completed more edits for my novel manuscript and written two essays that appeared in the Globe and Mail.
  3. Video. I decided it was time to add video to my repertoire and so far this year I’ve scripted, filmed and posted three Cross Com videos to You Tube:

  1. Write my non-fiction book on writing. Meh, that one’s pretty much a non-starter so far. I’ve got the concept figured out and have a very preliminary outline…six months left!
  2. Efficiencies. So far I’ve spent 10 hours researching time management through online webinars, blogs and other resources; I’ve also hired a part-time assistant to handle the administrative side of my social media program and another part-time assistant to help me manage my web updates. (Thank you Iryna and Sergey!!!).
  3. Roses. I started off the year with a goal of smelling more roses and so far, so good. I enjoyed a four-day holiday in NYC with my family in February and took a four-day ski break in March with the same crew. I’ve started taking a little bit of time off on Friday afternoons to enjoy some “Susie Time”- I make sure I do something I enjoy. I’ve started reading every night before bed again and I’ve planted a small vegetable garden in my backyard that is giving me no end of pleasure.

So far I’m pleased with how the year is going and I hope you’re pleased with your progress as well. If you’d like to share details of what you find helps you stay focused on your goals, I’d love to hear about it – post a comment for me below!

Contact me today if you’d like to learn more about how I can help you achieve your goals.


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