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How to Get Over Book Writing Self-Doubt

If you have been tapped on the shoulder and heard the whisper of your book inviting you to write it then in my opinion you don’t need any more proof than that about whether or not it’s a good idea. I believe that our books have a spirit, an energy, and an identity, and it’s almost as though they choose their authors. It’s almost pointless to resist them. They will keep pestering you until you either agree to write them or leave the planet.

It takes a huge amount of commitment to write a really good book and I think that’s something that has been missed in a world where people are invited to spend a weekend writing their Amazon best seller, so they can trot off and convince others they are leaders.

I do not believe a really solid book can be written in a weekend.

I do not believe that writing a 5,000-word essay and posting it on Amazon qualifies someone to call themselves a published book author – an essay is not a book.

Nor is writing a chapter in a book require the same amount of effort as writing an entire book from start to finish, although I feel that is a terrific way to warm up your authoring chops and I have a huge amount of respect for people who make their contribution to the world in this way.

And, sorry to say, although I myself am an Amazon best-selling author in numerous categories, I do not believe that leveraging your network so lots of people buy your book during a one-hour period on a specific day is proof that you have written a fabulous book.

In my world, a book is a devotional project.

It calls you forward and calls you up.

It is a transformational project that changes your understanding of who you are.

It adds value to the world that only you can add

Only you can add that value because you are you. You are unique in this world.

Astrology tells us that.
Numerology tells us that.
And Genetics tells us that.

Nobody else has had your experiences.

Every relationship you have ever had, ever trauma you have ever experienced, every dream you’ve dreamt, every mentor who has entered your life, every job you’ve held, every project you’ve worked on, all of your children if you have them, every sweetheart you’ve had, every beloved in whose eyes you have gazed, every trip you’ve taken, every surprise you’ve encountered, every tragedy, every uplifting moment, every song that stirred your heart, every landscape that took your breath away, every dark night, every glorious sunrise, all of it, all of it, all of it has made of you the perfect funnel through which your story was meant to flow.

So, when we talk about why you might want to write a book I invite you to add to the list the idea that maybe you might write a book because you’ve been perfectly formed to write the book you’re thinking of writing, and because you are the only person on the planet who can write the book that was meant to flow through you.

Becoming the author of a book that makes you proud is a transformational experience. And something that is waiting around the next bend in the road.

Enjoy the journey!

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