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What Do Kick the Can and Content Marketing Have in Common?

When I was child languishing in a leafy suburb of London, Ontario, I spent countless hours running around with the neighbourhood kids and I was completely oblivious to something that might be called an “Adult World.” We would climb and fall out of trees, catch frogs at the local bog, wander to the absolute limits of our neighbourhood and race each other down the big hill at the end of my street to see who could get to the “T” at the bottom on their bicycle the fastest. There was rarely any traffic on that cross stress, and I never heard of anyone getting hit by a car. It was a miracle.

What were we thinking? It’s hard for a child growing up today to imagine the amount of freedom my friends and I enjoyed. We were kicked out of the house in the morning and warned against coming home before lunch. We had to find something to do all afternoon and God help you if you came home before dinner was ready. I know of one mother from that era who confessed to uncorking the sherry bottle every afternoon at 4:00 to help her through “Arsenic Hour.”

There was zero adult supervision, and absolutely no adult intervention available in those days.

In order to fill in the hours that the adults rather selfishly refused to schedule for us, we would play countless rounds of games like “Mother May I?” “British Bulldog,” “Kick the Can,” and “Hide and Seek.” “Hide and Seek” seemed to be the favourite and if you were good at hiding, or seeking, you could be declared the winner and head off to bed that night with a big silly grin on your face.

This was a game about visibility, a subject that relates very well to the content marketing projects my team and I carry out today. We addressed pre-visibility in our last blog and I’ve got a few tips today about enhancing your online visibility with good content. Visibility is certainly not the goal if you are trying to win at “Hide and Seek” but if you are business with some ambitious revenue goals, you can increase your online visibility among people you have met through networking or other avenues by:

  1. Sending them an email to say you are glad to know them and to welcome them to your community. Offer a free consultation.
  2. Connecting with them on LinkedIn and on any other social media platforms they may have. Offer the opportunity to discuss factoring in your note.
  3. Liking and sharing their posts, if they are posting to social media.
  4. Subscribing to their YouTube channel, if they have one.
  5. Sending them a link to an excellent article or video you’ve found online about factoring, along with a note telling them you’re available to discuss sometime.
  6. Inviting them to a free upcoming online event you are holding.

It might even help to look at your online content as a game of “see and be seen.”

If you would like to start a conversation about how my team and I might be able to help you make the leap from “Pre-Visibility” to “Visibility,” contact us at to book a complementary call with us!


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