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New Year’s “Resolutions” for a Sparkling Year Ahead

With the New Year settled upon us now, and 12 sparkling new months twinkling at us from the path ahead, I have to say I’ve been hearing an awful lot about New Year’s Resolutions lately. Some people are going to lose weight and get fit, others are going to stick to a budget and get out of debt, and still other people plan on improving their work-life balance.

I gave up on New Year’s Resolutions eons ago, having decided that a resolution was a pretty flimsy way of motivating myself to take action. A resolution falls into the category of “intention” for me and, while it’s important to have an intention and a direction in life, that whole piece about taking action is entirely missing. A goal, on the other hand, brings a whole different energy to my life. And so, I work with both.

My goals include action plans. When I get into action, I not only harness my own resources towards the achievement of what I desire (my intention), but I also send a powerful signal to the Universe that I’m serious about what I say I want to put into my life. If you’re on a similar path, you’ll know that the Universe sometimes redirects me towards something I didn’t think of that is ultimately of higher value to me… so, while I have goals, I also hold them a little loosely.

Aside from an aggressive revenue goal for my business (I mapped out a plan for this in mid-December), here are some of my other goals for 2018:

  1. Take four weeks off. I know how valuable down time is for me, and in 2017 I did not prove to be adept at taking time off to recharge. I work long days that are sandwiched around caring for my kids and my mom and although I do it all with a joyful heart, my goal for the year is to take more time off to have fun so I can be of greater service to my family and my clients. I have already booked 10 days off to lead a transformational tour to Costa Rica (you are welcome to come with us!) and, with my eldest daughter’s wedding scheduled for this summer, I will be taking a week off around that time to celebrate. Add in my usual week off for Christmas, and leave a week open for whatever presents, and I think this goal is pretty much in the bag.
  2. Speak on stage four times or better. Public speaking doesn’t typically terrify me, and I see it as a good way for me to be of service while supporting my business. I am already booked for a 15-minute talk during the Costa Rica trip, as well as a workshop, and I am currently looking for other opportunities to speak. If you or an organization with which you are affiliated is looking for a speaker, please let me know and let’s see if I would be a fit for the opportunity!
  3. Continue learning about Consciousness. As someone with a keen interest in personal development and transformation, who serves others with a similar interest, I have invested substantial resources in my understanding of the possibilities available to us through Universal awareness. I’ve trained with a number of superb mentors, among them, my friends Jennifer Hough, Dana Pharant and Simone Usselman-Tod. There is probably an infinite array of insights available to us, and I am on the path of finding out more so part of my year will be devoted to spending time with my friends, and, also, continuing to work with my current mentor, a very wise individual who is expanding my understanding in extraordinary new ways.

I have a few other goals to pursue this year – there are 10 altogether – and I’ll follow up at the end of this year to share how things went. In the meantime, I wish you all the best for a wonderful year ahead and, as ever, if my team and I can support your content marketing goals, or if you are looking for a book coach or editor, please get in touch!


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