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What an $80 Calculator and Our New Website Have in Common

Oh boy, my father was in big trouble this time, having paid $80—$80!!!!—for a hand-held calculator that brought him the delight of being the first dad on our block to have a calculator, and no end of grief from my mother. It was the early 1970s and the calculator Dad had so proudly brought home from a shopping spree in downtown London, Ontario, was a wonder to behold. Dad was not a particularly mathematical kind of a guy, but he did like gadgets and although I didn’t realize it at the time, this gizmo made my father something of an early adopter.

The calculator that tickled my father’s fancy had been preceded by a colour television and a portable cassette recorder (also a revolutionary item), and it was followed by a Walkman and, eventually, a microwave oven. Our family’s first microwave was massive and it took up a large amount of real estate on my mother’s kitchen counter (yes, the kitchen belonged to my mother).

Technology is a moving target and when I think back to that marvelous calculator that pleased my father so much, I had no idea that it would be part of an astonishing technological revolution that would see me shepherding my fourth website to completion in the space of—how can this be?—nine years. I think my father imparted to me a sense of fascination with how beautiful technology is (or can be) and a strong desire to play with it. The new website that Crossman Communications is unveiling these days has far greater capabilities than our first one, and it is much more interactive. Video was not commonly used on websites when QR Creative came up with our first website in 2009, nor was it a consideration when Jason Gervais and his WSI-certified team (now WebROI) developed our second one in 2012. The third one a friend put together for us in 2014 was pretty basic, however it was built on a WordPress platform sometime before WordPress became something of the industry standard that Agenda Marketing has used for our site today.

The new Crossman Communications web presence includes three integrated micro-sites:
• one for Content with Clarity, which showcases our content marketing services
• one for the Awakening Author, which highlights our book coaching and editing services
• and one for Susan Crossman, Author and Speaker

We’ve made ample use of video on the new sites and I invite you to explore the world we’ve put together and let us know if there is any way our business might be able to serve yours. I feel there is a strong practical rationale for replacing our old web presence with the new one. But, like my father, a big part of me also wanted to upgrade our technology and see try something new.

Are you in the market for a new website? Maybe we should chat about that!


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