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The Experts Say You Should Be Blogging Three Times a Week. Are They Right?

Few, if any, of my clients can pull off a weekly blog all be themselves, let alone the two-to-three times a week that many experts recommend. If I were writing three blogs a week for my own business I would soon:

  1. Drop from exhaustion because a well-written blog takes a lot of time and energy. Creating three well-written blogs every week would mean I was devoting an inordinate amount of time I don’t have to delivering great content. And
  2. I would possibly go out of business because fostering a blog takes a lot of time and energy…if I had to blog three times a week I would not be devoting my resources to serving my clients and they would soon tire of waiting for me to respond to their needs.

My clients are similarly pressed for time as well, and paying me to blog three times a week on their behalf would run up a sizable bill very quickly. Yes, they can go to a site like Fiverr or Upwork (formerly Elance) and hire someone for $10 a page to crank out masses of inexpensive “professionally written” blog copy. But, no, it will not likely strike to the heart of what makes my client incredible. One of my clients was buying blog copy from a company that was using cheap writing labour from a crowdsourcing site. My client assumed he was paying for quality content and, at $100 a pop, he felt he should be getting some good stuff. He assumed all was well and, being an incredibly busy guy, he wasn’t paying close attention to what was being posted on his behalf. When I arrived on the scene and started to take a close look at his online content, it was apparent that he was not well served by the arrangement: the blogs that were full of spelling and grammatical errors, they contained links to offsite pages that no longer existed, other service providers in his field had been sold the identical blog, and the blogs referred to geographical locations his business did not serve.

It was a disaster and pointed to the fact that cheap, plentiful blogs are not necessarily the way to go.

I recommend a weekly blog for most of my clients but if that’s too much to manage, one blog every two weeks will work as well. The point is to generate some search engine interest while serving customers with the understanding that you have important things to say and you are saying them. Sometimes my clients will write the blogs themselves and we’ll provide some good editing to make sure they’re pulling readers in a useful direction; other times, when we know our clients well, we will originate the blogs and our clients will fine tune them.

How about your blog? Is it consistently produced and well written? Would you like some help with it? Give me a shout at and let’s see have a chat about how we can fine tune your efforts and get your blog working for you!


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