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Who Are You to Write a Book?

A lot of people feel a bit shy about committing to writing a book “someday” and they worry they don’t have anything important to say.

But see, here’s the thing: I believe that we have been writing the books we are here to write for our entire lives. From the family you were born into, the siblings you had or who left, the relationships you’ve enjoyed or endured, every educational experience you’ve embraced, every training, every mentor, every adversary, every friend, every lover, every conflict, triumph, and tragedy, all of that, all of that, as made of you the perfect funnel through which your book is meant to flow.

And your book actually exists in pieces in different aspects of you. Some of it is in your imagination, some is in your memory, some is on your hard drive, some is in your body, some is lodged in your higher levels, some is in your heart, and some is in your intellect. So, your main task in writing the book you are tackling—in fact, every book you might write—lies in pulling those pieces out of their current location into three-dimensional reality and putting them together on the page.

And that requires an incredible devotional mindset, but it also requires you to continually work on developing a stubborn and resilient mindset. There are going to be people in your life who think it’s weird that you want to write a book. There are going to be people who read some of your writing, sniff condescendingly, and tell you it’s “okay” before immediately asking, “But why don’t you write something you’re good at writing?” You are going to encounter writer’s block and discouragement, overwhelm, and the tedium of spending month after month on a project with no end in sight. You are going to battle uncertainty and the fact you have no idea how to really write, publish, and market a book.

And if you have a positive author mindset, you will get through it.

Every single person who reads your book might then start incubating an idea that will pull a young person—or an older person— out of the challenges they are facing and forward into a much more powerful version of who they are and who they are here to be.

I have experienced first-hand how reading and writing books has changed my life and almost every reader I know has felt the same way. At this stage of my life, I am dedicated to helping other people write the books that will change their own lives, for sure, but also the lives of the people they are here to serve. Being an author is a service and it is also a form of leadership we can provide through the pursuit of our own dreams. I happen to think that is a wonderful, amazing, spectacular coincidence.

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