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You’ve Started Writing Your Book. Are You Ready to Finish it?

I’ve referenced before the fact that about 80% of Americans think they would like to write a book and this information has been coming up in conversation a lot lately for some reason. What’s even more fascinating is the assertion that about 20% of people who think about writing a book actually start the project. And slightly less than two per cent keep going until they are finished.

Slightly less than two per cent!

I know from experience how difficult it can be to finish writing a book. My first novel, Shades of Teale, took me 13 years to complete and my fourth book only seven months. With my fifth traditionally-published book about to hit the shelves I have gained a lot of insight into the process of starting and finishing a book and as an editor and book coach, I am immersed in the challenges of completing a book.

It can be a lonely process and one that is not often understood by those who care about you who are not likewise engaged.

Here are the three key concepts I feel are crucial to getting a book completed:

1. Motivation. How badly you want to finish your book is directly related to how quickly you get it done. So, it’s really important to become completely connected to your “Why.” That book has to become the most important project on your list. We know that very few authors make a killing on their book sales, but your book will build your speaking career, and it could to save lives, transform the world, or boost your business to a whole new level.

2. Write Regularly. Writing a book is a big job. I’ve been writing professionally for decades and I am a strong writer with an excellent list of credentials. And although there are marketers out there trying to seduce you into believing you can write an entire quality book in a weekend, I don’t believe it. The people I work with who succeed at this game commit to a regular writing schedule that conforms to their lifestyle and, like the tortoise who is up against the hare, they get there in the end.

3. Build Your Success Team. Writing groups and accountability partners are great ways to keep your momentum going and stay focused on your book. I work as a book coach as well as an editor, and I see daily the value of having people in your corner who are cheering you on and helping you find ways to stay connected to the final draft of your manuscript.

I know how challenging it is to write a book and I see success regularly in my work. If you would like to be part of an online group program specifically built around getting your book done, then I invite you to investigate my Awakening Author Group Mastermind Program. We meet once a month in a supportive, consciousness-oriented environment and I draw upon my career as a writer, author, speaker and content marketing consultant to help participants stay focused on the wonderful goal of becoming a “Two Per Cent-er”.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to shoot an email our way at to find out more


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