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Content Marketing: The Tools of the Trade

Every tradesman needs a set of tools and content marketing provides no exception to the rule. The internet is a vast playground, and the range of activity you can undertake within it is virtually unlimited. And, as the internet has become more complex, the tools to streamline content marketing have expanded as well, to the point now where one almost needs at least one full-time employee to track, assess and implement the tools needed to do this all with the greatest efficiency possible.

I can remember how delighted I was to discover a social media management tool called “Hootsuite” a number of years ago. It revolutionized how I had been tracking my social media efforts and it streamlined posting, as well. This platform allows you to coordinate all of your social media platforms from one central dashboard. You can post to your platforms, upload photos, monitor your news feeds and respond to people’s comments without having to ping-pong back and forth from one platform to another. Years after we first discovered it, my team still finds Hootsuite a valuable tool: it has stayed relevant despite the fact that our business needs have grown dramatically; it’s proven a great choice for our team. But Hootsuite is just one of countless other tools available to facilitate the set up, operation and assessment of a content marketing program. And, in fact, the number and variety of tools available can be bewildering—new ones are being added almost daily—so it’s probably not a bad idea to add them to your tool chest one at a time.

Why Bother With Content Marketing Tools?

Using at least some of the content marketing tools available on line is a key part of succeeding with your content marketing. Tools can help you save time and effort, of course, but they are also an important way to:

• Determine whether or not you are meeting your goals
• Determine what you need to do to fine tune your efforts
• Help you make sure you are spending your time and energy on relevant activities
• Save you money
• Develop strategies for future success

Some tools are, of course, more helpful for some people than they are for others. Just to give you a sense of the number of tools available, check out this list of tools made available by a company called Curata. It’s mind-boggling how many tools are out there—and this is by no means an exhaustive list! Most tools are designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness and it’s worth investigating a few of them to find ways of streamlining your content efforts.

Would you like to find out how Crossman Communications can set you up with better tools for managing your content marketing program? Please contact me at and let’s book a conversation to find out what that might look like.


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