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A Walk on the Wild Side: Creation and Writing

One of the fundamental premises of my Awakened Author Online Group Coaching Program is that, actually, Life is kind of living us, so rather than turn ourselves inside out trying to clutch around for answers to any questions that come up, we aim to let life give us the answers.

This may be a bit of an odd place for a writer to go, but if you’re interested in walking on a bit of a wild side for a moment, I invite you to consider the possibility that there is some kind of creative force in the universe that makes stuff. You might have your own name for it (God, Source, and Universe being the most common ones I tend to hear), or you might simply think of it as energy particles, but one way or another, isn’t this creative energy at the heart of the creation of all stuff—trees, animals, rocks, metals, etc.?

And, as my friend and mentor Jennifer Hough points out, if it makes all stuff, isn’t it possible that implies intention, and wisdom, maybe even infinite wisdom?

If you answered yes to that question, let me address you first:

So, an infinitely wise Creator, the one that makes all things, must have also made you, right? Put another way, an infinitely wise creative force, lets call it Creation, well, it thought you were a good idea. So you were Creation’s good idea.

Now, If you don’t believe in an infinitely wise creative power, then let me ask, what is everything made of?

If you said molecules, then let’s look at what molecules are made of: protons, electrons and neutrons, right?

At Harvard and Princeton and MIT and elsewhere they’re studying what those are made of and they’re calling them Quantum Particles.

And what do quantum particles do? They make stuff, right?

And somehow, the quantum particles on the planet got organized into an organism that turned out to be you.

So the way I look at all of this is that, yes for me there is a creative power in the Universe, and yes the Universe totally thought I was a good idea. And the Universe thought YOU were a good idea and no matter what you’ve been through, and no matter how big the disappointments and the deprivations have been for you along the way, you STILL ARE a good idea! CREATION SAID SO! All those perceptively challenging experiences you’ve had have become part of your writer’s tool box and that they’ve given you a valuable perspective on life, or love, or your area of expertise, in fact they have given you a perspective and a skill set that no-one else on the planet shares.

You are still here, you are still in the game and, in fact, you are a gift to other people, and part of that gift, is it not, is the fact that you have a story to tell and by telling that story you are going to change lives and influence futures, right? Starting with your own!

The Universe has always had your back, and the Universe will always continue to have your back. And that means that everything that happens in your life is facilitating you to your next stage of evolution. So in reality, there is no way you can fail, right?

And frankly, that is why you are the only person on the planet who can write the book(s) you are being called to write. You are living an amazing life full of stories that you can use to help other people, and build your own career at the same time. The Universe has your back. You cannot fail. And it’s even possible that this blog post is one of the tools that has been sent your way to support you in that magnificent project.

Enjoy the journey!

If you’re ready to take a few more steps towards the completion of your own book, I invite you to book a complimentary consultation with me to find out what the range of possibilities are for you? I’m ready if you are!


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