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Here’s What I Want for the Holidays This Year

Is This On Your Holiday List?

I’m going to take a break from the series about blogging that I’ve been rolling through right now and talk a little bit about the coming holiday season. I am really looking forward to a two-week break from work (can I do it?!) and glad of a chance to shut off my computer and focus on my family. My kids get quite a bit of my time to begin with, but if you’re a working parent you know what it’s like to balance the demands of your work life with the joys of family. Sometimes it’s a little less “joyful” and a little more “stressful.” And, as the widowed mom of two amazing and active teenagers (and the only driver!), I’m on the run quite a bit. Life is never dull!

It’s been a terrific year for Crossman Communications and I want to say a huge thank you to all of our clients, friends, supporters and blog readers for being part of our community. The company has grown quite a bit this year and although we didn’t cross everything off of our goal list this year, we had a superb string of successes.

What do I want for Christmas?

As the head honcho and dream spinner of the company I am especially hoping that my two amazing employees, Leah Roberts and Tania Brown get everything on their Christmas list. These two ladies are the backbone of our company and I am endlessly grateful to them for their dedication, enthusiasm, imagination and work ethic. Without them, this company would not be able to deliver the level of service we strive to provide. They support me in countless ways and their determination to make our clients happy is a source of pride and gratitude for me.

Leah is our Director of Marketing

Leah is an expert digital marketing administrator with three years of progressive experience in the development and application of content marketing systems. She has a strong background in and experience with leadership development and she brings a critical eye for detail, as well as a highly responsive approach, to her work on behalf of Crossman Communications. Leah has a B.A. (Hons.) in Sociology from Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario and a B.Ed., also from Queen’s.

Tania is our Marketing Manager

Tania brings a broad range of marketing administration skills to the Crossman team and she has a strong background in market research and database management. She has more than three years of inbound customer service experience and is proficient in a large number of social media applications and online marketing tools. Tania has a diploma in Sales and Marketing Business Administration from Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning (2011) with a focus on strategic database marketing, sales and advertising and statistics.

I hope these ladies have an amazing holiday and while I’m busy hanging out with my kids and planning our work menu for next year, I will be sending them my very best wishes for a superb rest. (They’re going to need it! 🙂 )

And I hope you have a great rest as well!

Happy Holidays!


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