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Looking Ahead: Business Goals 2016

Can you believe we’re perched on the cusp of another new year? It seemed to me that 2015 went by awfully quickly and although I didn’t get everything I set out to do this year completed, it’s been an awfully good year. How about you? Was this a good one for you, too?

The big miss for me this year was that I had wanted to get the Crossman Communications web presence sorted out. The business has been evolving very dramatically over the past two years and the website no longer accurately reflects the businesses we’re in. Specifically, we provide book coaching and editing services to successful entrepreneurs and world changers on the one hand and content marketing programs for companies that touch on the manufacturing field on the other. All of our clients are on the planet to make the world a better place through the vehicle of their business or occupation.

Our current website has been in place for about four years now and although I still like it very much, it’s very dated and is no longer a powerful representation of what we do. We actually now need two separate websites for those two separate businesses and we were so busy with the work at hand that we never got around to making that piece happen.

I would also like a third web presence that reflects my status as the author of four books as well. I built a website for my first book, Shades of Teale, never dreaming there would be three others to follow within four years. That website is great but, again, I was so busy writing more books that the web presence fell by the wayside. I would like to bring that into better order this year.

So that touches on one of the big benefits of my year — I was able to write and get my fourth book published and the business grew by a dramatic percentage. What wonderful reasons to not have time to reorganize the web presence!

Looking ahead to next year, I would like to make 2016 the year we get that piece completed and I’m hoping that this will be a year of holidays as well. I missed the chance to take a holiday in 2015 somehow and that’s not anything I would ever recommend for anyone else. We all need to recharge regularly. Even me!

I will be finalizing my list of goals for the year within the next few days so that I can march into 2016 with a full set of exciting plans with which to fuel my days. And I will hold them loosely. Although I like to have a sense of what I want to put into my life going forward, I’m all too aware that the Universe is continually facilitating us to the “or better” piece that will make our lives even better than we could possibly imagine.

What about you? What are your plans for the coming year? I hope you will make it a spectacular one and I wish you well in all of your planning for the future! Feel free to connect with me directly at You can also book yourself in right away for a free consultation at!


  • It sounds like you have 3 websites? So hire a graphics designer/website designer to ‘refresh’ the websites?

    Another idea would be to experiment with wordpress blogging type websites. If you like the results there is a good chance you web host has the ability to set you up. You can export the content you have created on and import it into your new worpress website under your current url’s.

    I am willing to do some pro bono consulting on this if you need it. (I am not a graphics guy, I do requirements to help direct the project).

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