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How to Start Writing a Book – Part Three

In the first two posts in this series, we looked at how I started my first book and what I would say to myself if I could only go back and share a little of the wisdom I’ve accumulated in the five-and-a-half books I’ve written since those days. It took me 13 years to bring that first book to publication and I’ll be surprised if it takes me more than six months to finish this one.

One of the most important points I share with my own book coaching and editing clients—and you, too, if you would care to listen—is that it can be a long road. And that’s okay.

Along the way you might sometimes feel overwhelmed and ridiculously, painfully, vulnerable. Believe it or not, that is normal. If it happens, I invite you to say to yourself, “Right, Susan said this was probably going to happen. And she said that I am going to get through this, no sweat.” You are every bit as capable as the next person who has authored a book, and you’ve got this. And it’s okay if there’s a little mess along the way. (I’m reminded of birth.)

If writing a compelling book were easy, and something everybody could sit down and practically dash off in their sleep, then the millions of people who think they want to write a book would just launch in and get it done.

The idea is that this actually should stretch your resources and challenge you. Because writing a book is a transformational project that helps us evolve. Change happens outside our comfort zone. You are unfolding into the next level of who you are here to be. That is a sacred thing, something to honor and appreciate.

Writing a book also invites your brain to create a new neural network to support you. That network isn’t in place yet, although you will be able to call upon numerous skills and abilities that are already there. You are just going to be using them in new ways. Our brains love novelty. Yours is going to love this project! That book writing neural network will be in place, as a resource, when you start your next book. The third book will be significantly easier. The fifth one will be a piece of cake.

So, don’t worry about feeling stuck. You’re thinking about your book a lot. It’s probably talking to you at odd times—as in “Wow, this has to go in our book!” You are creating it even when you are not actively working on it.

You are completely capable of writing a wonderful book. Take it one step at a time. Allow yourself to marinate in the opportunities and challenges of becoming the author you dream of becoming. Know it’s completely possible and it’s part of whatever has been written for you.

And I support you 1000%.

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