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Meet The Author – Tanya Penny

As part of our commitment to the people with whom we work, we invite them, upon publication to either contribute a blog or share information about their book with our readers. This Author Interview highlights the work of Tanya Penny, author of Connect with The Divine You. Tanya lives in Sedona, Arizona, and she is a Vibrant Body and Abundant Life Coach, as well as an Occupational Therapist.

AA: Why Did You Want to Write a Book?

TP: To share my story of hope and healing for those struggling with a chronic illness and past trauma, plus I wanted to share the tools and process I used to heal.

AA: How Would You Characterize the Process of Writing of Your Book, and Why?

TP: Looking back, I started writing my book years before I actually wrote it. I journaled daily about my struggles, my progress, and the experiences I walked through. I also created a program around the process I began teaching in 2013. This process, along with the content of my online program, are woven into my book.

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AA: How Long Did it Take You to Write Your Book?

TP: 2.5 years

AA: What Can You Tell Us About What the Process of Writing Your Book Was Like for You?

TP: It was frustrating, exciting, scary, and also helped me to heal on a deeper level.

AA: What Kind of Publishing Model Did You Choose and Why?

TP: Traditional – I wanted more reach and was lucky to get noticed

AA: What Surprised You About Becoming a Published Author, and Why?

TP: Hmmm. Not sure. I guess easier and faster than I expected.

AA: What Advice Can You Offer Other Awakening Author Clients to Help Streamline Their Book Writing Process?

TP: Set a time each week to write, show up for it, write down all your fears (not good enough, not smart enough, others will reject or criticize it, etc.) and use tools to move through them so you can write with flow and relative ease. Try a sample guided therapeutic meditation process to do so @

AA: Is There Anything Else You Would Like to Add?

TP: The feeling of being published is amazing. It has already boosted my business, and level of expertise in the field of alternative healing.

Tanya’s book is available on Amazon at

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If you’d like to find out more about Tanya Penny, please visit her website at


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