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Need Some Help to Stay Focused on Your Book?

Who did I think I was? After 15 years as a gainfully employed writer working in journalism, PR and marketing, I had started writing a book. I knew next-to-nothing about how the publishing process worked, and yet 13 years later, I marveled at the joy of holding my book in my hands. There it was, my book, with my name on it, and the thrill of achievement set my heart alight.

Aside from the crippling self-doubt that kept me second-guessing my goal of becoming a published author, during those long years of effort I was also a busy mother, a freelance writer and the chief saviour of a series of family crises that ended with my second husband’s death by cancer at the age of 49.

During those years, there were many reasons not to keep going but I persevered, and eventually I landed a publishing contract with Manor House Publishing. It was a euphoric moment and it represented the beginning of a publishing adventure that will see the release of my fifth book later this year.

My life did indeed change with the publication of my first book. I’ve met many fascinating people, I speak internationally, and my revenue has grown substantially. Plus, I now edit book manuscripts and provide insight into how my clients can navigate the challenging and changing waters of today’s book publishing landscape. It’s exciting work!

Is a Writers Group What You Need?

And I’ve come to realize that people need more than just an editor. The process of writing a book itself is challenging and it’s all too easy to set the project aside because Life gets busy.

As a result, I’ve reactivated my popular Awakening Author Mastermind Group program. It’s designed to help people get more traction on their book-writing projects so they, too, can feel the joy of becoming a published author.

The Awakening Author Mastermind program

The program draws on my decades as a professional writer, editor and author, and my training as an Awakening Coach, to give participants:

• Stronger motivation than ever before to write the story you have been holding inside
• Greater confidence in your ability to write powerfully and fluidly
• Fool-proof tips and techniques for getting unstuck, eliminating overwhelm and writing with impact and
• A plan of action for moving forward with your writing

The Awakening Author Mastermind program specifically provides:

• One online group mastermind call every month, each of which will include powerful techniques for mindset mastery as well as practical tips for honing your writing skills
• A private Facebook group for sharing Aha’s and insights
• Preferential rates on 1:1 writing coaching sessions with me and on my writing Mastermind Days and Writing Retreats
• Full Access to the Author-Ease library of video interviews

Expect homework, laughter and the delight of sharing your writing journey in the company of other people who ‘‘get it.”

Are you ready to make this happen? Let’s do this together!

The Awakening Author Mastermind Group is starting in early June and enrolment is limited, so please check out the information on my web page and register as soon as possible, if you feel this will serve.

Here’s the link to the information you’ll need:

And, in the meantime, best wishes for great writing!


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