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Here’s What a Motivated Book Author Looks Like

My clients typically have different motivations for writing a book and they all inspire me enormously. I thought it would be interesting to share some of their stories so you can see what it takes to get a book written. These people are amazing! And they have enjoyed the phenomenal personal transformation that writing and publishing a book delivers. Each one of them started out, though as someone who wanted to write a book. Let me share with you the power of a strong motivation.

Rodney Sieh

Rodney is a Liberian who runs Africa’s largest online news outlet. Several years ago he was sentenced to a 5,000-year prison sentence for blowing the whistle on corruption in the government of the African country in which he lives. He was released from jail, and then began to write the story of his life as a journalist in a country beset by civil war and Ebola disease. His book, Journalist on Trial, was published last year. He is motivated by a profound sense of patriotism and a dream of seeing higher democratic standards in place in his country.

Alex Paterson

Alex is a descendant of a Scottish family of entrepreneurs that played a pivotal role in the settlement of Canada. Her book, of which No Helping Hand is the first instalment, tells gripping tales of a courageous family determined to build a business empire in a young country struggling to define itself. She is motivated by an enduring admiration for and a huge desire to honour the incredibly plucky people who forged a country out of a harsh landscape.

Tanya Penny

Tanya is a wellness consultant. When she was handed a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, she endured the traditional therapies she was prescribed until one day she said, “NO MORE” and went on to develop a protocol that cured her of the disease. Her books is called Connect with the Divine You for Health, Peace and Happiness and she is motivated by the desire to save lives.

These all sound pretty lofty, but the reality is that my clients tend to be people pretty much like you, working on your business, taking care of your families, juggling a million and one other priorities and just trying to live a good life while making the biggest difference you can make with the tools you’ve been given. My clients just want to share their information in the hope that they can help people. They want to serve. And they know that a book is one of the most powerful ways they can do that.

It is an honour to serve them and I am privileged to work as a book coach and editor for people who are here to make a difference in the world. If you would like help with the project of writing a book, please get in touch with me! I know how challenging it can be. And I know how to get it done.


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