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Why Bother with Email Marketing? Eight Good Reasons!

A lot of small business owners are reluctant to get involved with email marketing because:

  1. they feel they themselves are already getting too many emails (why would they want to bring more into the world?) and
  2. they aren’t sure how the process works

But email marketing can be a highly effective way of positioning your company’s products and services with customers and potential customers. This isn’t something that you just tackle on an ad hoc basis. Ideally, you develop a well-planned email marketing strategy that involves multiple campaigns scheduled according to a specific calendar. In a perfect world, you schedule your email campaigns to minimize the likelihood that you are going to overwhelm or annoy customers and prospects. And, if you are providing information that may be of value to people, in a consistent, and non-intrusive manner, you will be able to achieve your goals and develop more leads.  Easier said than done, right?

We will often recommend an email marketing program because:

  1. It demonstrates that your company has an organized and well-established program for keeping in touch with customers
  2. It gives you the chance to showcase your company’s products and the benefits of doing business with you.
  3. It can be a tool for developing greater rapport with your existing client base.
  4. It can be a tool for inviting feedback from existing and prospective clients.
  5. It is a means of keeping customers and potential customers connected to you…perhaps instead of (or at least in addition to), your competitors.
  6. Like all other content marketing tools, an email marketing program is an opportunity to create a footprint for your organization that is larger than you otherwise could enjoy
  7. It’s a chance for clients and prospects to get to know more about your business and give them an opportunity to know, like and trust you more.
  8. It is an important tool for funneling people to members of your sales team where they can have the types of conversations that might lead to a sale.

In addition, email marketing is much less expensive than many other forms of communication and it can generate good leads. It allows you to target your ideal customers with relative ease and the return on investment can be excellent—without the need for killing a single tree! Not only that, but analytics make it easy to measure how successful your email campaigns are. A consistent email marketing program allows you to generate greater brand awareness and the positive regard of your email recipients.

Would you like to know more? Contact me at and let’s book a conversation about how my team and I might be able to support your business to email marketing success.


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